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Miniature Pot Decorations 


People like to decorate pots to match the scenic setting of the house or garden where they are kept because pots come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Miniature Pot Decorations are used to enhance the visual appeal of both the plant and the pot. The miniatures can be color coordinated to match the pot or kept randomly as desired. Home Garden offers various miniature Pot Decorations some of which are:-



1- Swan Fairy Garden Miniature Toy.

2- New Sitting Couple Fairy Garden Miniature Toy.

3- Bunny set Fairy Garden Miniature – Set of 4

4- Mushroom Fairy Dollhouse Miniature (Green)

5- Baby Buddha Decorative Showpiece-1 pc

6- House with Snow Fairy Dollhouse Miniature-set of 2

7- Fence Miniature Garden Toy – 1PC

There are many more products that you can check out on the website http://Homegardenhouse.com